Dr. Markus Eisel

Managing Director, valantic Division Smart Industries

Markus Eisel, Managing Director, Division Smart Industries

“Success is when creativity, performance and quality turn skepticism into enthusiasm”

And everyone then senses this success – our customers… our employees… and we as a company. Markus Eisel sees one of his most important tasks as ensuring the conditions needed for this success to take root and flourish. As the person responsible for sales, business development and delivery, he cultivates trust among customers and enthusiasm and confidence among employees.

As co-founder and CEO of valantic Software & Technology Innovations GmbH (former SyroCon AG – a valantic company), he has played a key role in the company’s growth and shaped its strategic development. He sees digital transformation as the path to improving a business’s success, and our mission is to accompany our customers on that journey.

“Digitising business processes is the real added value that digital transformation brings to companies. SyroCon’s mission is to develop solutions that can achieve this. We incorporate our cloud, IoT, SI and data analytics expertise into such solutions to make our customers’ processes data driven.”

Markus Eisel studied geophysics at the J.-W.-Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main and earned his doctorate at the Free University of Berlin. After his academic career at GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences in Potsdam and at Oregon State University, he started his career in IT in 1999 with positions at S.E.S.A. AG and TietoEnator. In 2007 he co-founded SyroCon AG with Markus Hartmann. Focusing on customers and working with them to create value-added solutions are his passions.