Dietmar Rietsch

Partner & Managing Director, valantic Division Customer Experience

Dietmar Rietsch, valantic Partner & Managing Director, Division Customer Experience

“Think different – Why think in digital boxes when you can have the entire digital universe?”

What are you on fire for?

The digital world is not just my passion – it’s my personal adventure playground! Every challenge it presents fuels my hunger for creativity and innovation. That’s why, amidst the whirlwind of the digital age, I decided to co-found the full-service digital agency elements New Media Solutions GmbH – a dynamic powerhouse that has been shaping the digital future.

What are you good at?

Every top-tier agency requires a solid skill set to navigate the digital landscape – that’s the key to success. Equally critical, however, is the creative spark, all while never losing sight of the fundamentals. It’s from this powerful combination of innovation and unwavering focus that genuine digital fireworks are ignited.

What are your responsibilities at valantic?

As a creative force behind the scenes, I bring my expertise and energy to various domains, including technology, marketing, sales, and business development. Additionally, I act as the CEO of Pimcore GmbH and proudly wave the partnership flag for valantic GmbH.

What did you do before joining valantic?

Digitalization has been my focus since 1996, initially as the CTO of one of Austria’s pioneering digital agencies and later as the CEO of Prokom. In 2004, we merged with elements New Media Solutions GmbH. Alongside Roland Dessovic and Patrick Edelmayr, I pursued a vision that materialized in 2009: the open-source software trailblazer, Pimcore. A milestone that has reshaped the industry’s landscape and redefined the rules of the game.