Cristian Cureliuc

Managing Director, valantic Division Customer Experience

Cristian Cureliuc, Managing Director, Division Customer Experience

Real digital transformation is about people

“Real digital transformation is about people. We enable our teams to succeed through ownership, autonomy, and honest feedback. We trust that, in return, they will develop the best solutions for the valantic customers.”

With a master’s degree in web technologies and over 20 years of hands-on experience in developing complete e-commerce solutions, Cristian Cureliuc leads the interdisciplinary team of certified specialists at valantic Romania, primarily active in providing custom software solutions with a clear focus on the PHP stack.

As a managing director, Cristian is in charge of business strategy development, execution, and organizational growth. Throughout the years, he has managed to build a dynamic, healthy company ecosystem via trust, open communication, and transparency with business partners, shareholders and employees.