Christoph Münch

Managing Director, valantic Division Customer Experience

Christoph Münch, Managing Director valantic Division Customer Experience

Growth in harmony with the company's own culture

“In a rapidly growing and increasingly digitalized world, there is no substitute to holding on to values and culture. Combining these with success and growth is the challenge of our time.”

What are you on fire for?

Digitalization! My fascination with it led to the decision to found a full-service digital agency.

What are your responsibilities at valantic?

When our agency was in its early stages, I was mostly responsible for the technical aspects. Today, I oversee human resources development. However, I have never lost my enthusiasm for technological possibilities, and I continue to provide consulting for customer projects of various sizes and industries.

What makes valantic special for you?

In my opinion, the principle of “Culture of Cultures” makes the valantic Group truly unique. This philosophy is inspiring and motivating to me.

What did you do before joining valantic?

I studied information technology at the Technical University of Munich. After graduating, I co-founded the full-service agency DGTLS together with my two partners. Today we employ almost 100 people at locations in Munich, Traunstein, Barcelona and Vienna.