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Projectlead Spryker

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Effective Field

  • As Projectlead Spryker (all genders) you take over the overall control for our projects, with all sub-projects. You plan, coordinate and control all resources, budgets and our customers
  • You will be responsible for active project communication, both internally and externally
  • "Single point of contact: You are the first point of contact to our customers and keep a cool head even in dicey situations and control the de-escalation
  • You monitor the project hours, are responsible for the absences in the team, support the staffing and the execution of development meetings
  • You are jointly responsible for the annual planning of the customer and a sustainable project development and shape the joint project success

What distinguishes you

  • You are autodidact, have a commercial background or studied? For us it is not so important, because the will, is in the first place
  • You would like to learn from your team, but also pass on your knowledge?
  • Is a high quality of work important to you? Great! All this is also very important to us
  • Do you like to work independently and do you enjoy working in teams with like-minded people? Then you will feel comfortable with us!

What you can expect

  • A professional environment with challenging digital projects with well-known customers and hidden champions
  • A passionate team with can-do attitude that welcomes you with open arms
  • A modern working environment with a feel-good factor
  • Development opportunities that suit you
  • Flexible working hours, attractive benefits and of course lots of fun

Your contact

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Johanna Wendel

+49 173 1702472

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