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The highlights of Spryker Commerce OS

Spryker is the system of choice when it’s about more than just a shop. As a modular, headless Commerce OS with an API-first approach, Spryker is the perfect foundation for all transaction-based B2B and B2C business models that seek to reach customers at every touchpoint, specifically targeted to their needs.
Spryker is not an out-of-the-box solution. Instead, it follows an agile, dynamic approach: More than 600 independent modules already boast a vast choice of functionalities that can be used to generate a competitive edge for your company.

  • API-first approach
  • headless solution, not tied to a certain frontend
  • more than 600 functional modules for B2B and B2C
  • extremely scalable, leaner than a standard solution and more flexible than SaaS
  • ideal solution for replatforming
  • omnichannel e-commerce with one common business logic
Start einer rRkete im Hintergrund und auf der Linken Seite die Auszeichnungen von Spryker als Certified Spryker Foundation Developer 2019 und Platinum Partner 2020

valantic is a Spryker Platinum Partner

We are an owner-operated digital integrator for technically complex IT projects with a focus on Digital Commerce, IoT, CRM, Marketing and Robotic Process Automation. In certified teams, more than 100 employees develop digital platforms for clients from various industries and enterprises of different sizes.

Based on our experience with more than 400 digital commerce projects, we develop solutions tailored to your business model as well as to the expectations and wishes of your clients.