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Successful e-commerce with valantic and Spryker

valantic is your trusted partner for achieving success with your online store, even in the most demanding scenarios. As the only “Preferred Partner” of Spryker worldwide, we boast a team of over 40 certified Spryker developers.

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Our extensive experience is demonstrated through the successful implementation of more than 30 projects, showcasing our expertise in delivering complex e-commerce platforms. With our comprehensive know-how, we are well-equipped to find the optimal solution tailored to your specific requirements.

Spryker: perfectly suited for complex digital business models

Powerful, agile and dynamic … like valantic

Spryker is a modular headless commerce operating system specifically designed with an API-first approach, making it the ideal foundation for developing high-performance e-commerce solutions. As a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering, Spryker is particularly well-suited for complex online stores.

Spryker offers over 800 independent modules with a wide range of functions. Its API-first approach enables seamless integration of all applications with other systems. Its API first approach enables seamless integration of all applications with other systems. Moreover, as a headless commerce operating system, Spryker offers unparalleled flexibility. Whether you have a large product catalog or a complex store setup: Spryker enables you to implement your vision with precision and efficiency, delivering a powerful and customized e-commerce solution.

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Functionality for all requirements

The advantages of Spryker at a glance

  • state-of-the-art API-first approach
  • high-performance solutions with modular headless approach
  • ideal option for replatforming
  • highly scalable platform-as-a-service solution
  • for omnichannel e-commerce with common business logic
  • customized pricing, extensive product catalogs, specific organizational assignments
  • CPQs and workflows
  • internationalizable
  • more than 800 independent functional modules

Projects successfully implemented by valantic

Picture of an ESA employee holding a tool in his hands. next to him a forklift operator sizing car tires in racks and the ESA logo | Case Study ESA | automated E2E tests

ESA benefits from automated E2E tests

With the help of valantic, ESA has automated its E2E tests in the online store.

Download ESA benefits from automated E2E tests
Image of a Colons handyman, next to him a plumber fixing a water leak and the Colons logo, in the background architects and engineers with a pen working on blueprints with safety equipment in the office | Case Study Colons | Spryker System

The HVAC trade goes digital

To enable successful online mail orders in the B2B sector, tailored solutions are crucial.

Download The HVAC trade goes digital

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