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Shop migration to Shopware 6

Break new ground with us: Increase your sales potential and make your online business even more successful with Shopware 6!

The latest Shopware 6 - version has been on the market for more than two years now. It’s a technically mature, scalable and powerful solution for B2C und B2B business models. The ecosystem of plug-ins and interfaces has grown significantly, and many shops already use the latest technology to get a competitive edge.

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Shopware 6 Migration

Online shops – migrate now with Shopware!

Even though Shopware 5 will still be supported by Shopware until 2024, there are hardly any new features, and many developers already focus on the new online shop solution. The discontinuation of PHP 7.2 at the end of 2020 also makes it necessary to switch to the latest shop version within the Shopware 5 solution. Apart from technical reasons, this is also legally required by data protection regulations. Would you like a non-binding Shopware consultation?

Shopware Partner Award 2019

valantic – Best Partner 2019 in Germany

valantic was named Best Shopware Partner in Germany in 2019. Currently, we have the highest number of certified Shopware 6 developers worldwide. A dedicated migration team with vast knowledge of both Shopware 5 and Shopware 6 will accompany and migrate your project to the latest version in a structured, projectable process. Before the actual migration, we will assess your status quo and show you potential solutions with Shopware 6. Of course, a shop migration also offers the possibility to add new features and tackle current pain points.

Unsere Zertifizierungen für Shopware 6

In total, we have 84 certifications. Every certificate is personal proof of our developers having specific knowledge of Shopware and being able to create innovative solutions for this software.

Shopware 6 certified Developer

23 certified employees

Shopware 6 certified Developer Advanced

35 certified employees

Shopware 6 certified Template Designer

8 certified employees

Shopware 6 certified Template Designer Advanced

18 certified employees

How we go about migration projects

Sound planning is the basis for the successful migration of your shop from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6.
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Let’s talk about your migration project!

Get in touch if you need a quote for a shop relaunch or simply want to discuss your shop system migration project with us!

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