Navigating the MarTech jungle with expert guidance by valantic

The MarTech jungle

Our expertise for an ideal customer experience – The realm of marketing technologies (MarTech) is vast and diverse, presenting the challenge of selecting the ideal solutions to meet your specific needs and requirements. At valantic, our experts possess a deep understanding of the entire MarTech landscape. With a focus on your unique starting position, we are dedicated to finding the perfect solution that aligns with your objectives and drives your marketing success.

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At valantic, our consulting approach is rooted in being technology-agnostic. We prioritize your requirements and diligently search for the optimal technology provider without any bias. Our transparent assessment focuses on technical implementation. In addition, we conduct an investment assessment to provide a clear understanding of the commercial aspects involved.

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Moving into the digital future with new marketing technologies

Harnessing the power of new marketing technologies enables a deeper understanding of your customers’ expectations and intentions. By leveraging the data collected, the goal is to deliver a personalized customer experience that caters to the unique needs of each individual user.

To attain this objective, we must navigate through the intricate MarTech landscape, which in Germany alone encompasses a staggering 900 listed technology providers. Our initial expedition into this jungle centers around exploring the diverse domains of data-driven marketing, establishing robust systemic foundations, and examining user behavior patterns. Armed with this knowledge, we adeptly deploy an array of cutting-edge tools, including intelligent machine learning technologies, to harness the full potential of these novel solutions.

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”The success of digital transformation is not solely reliant on adopting new technologies. What truly matters is our willingness and capacity to embrace the paradigm shift brought about by these tools.“


Start your first expedition into the MarTech jungle with us!

Getting started is often challenging, and navigating through the MarTech jungle is no exception in this case. But don’t worry – we’re well-prepared with our trusty machetes to lead you safely and efficiently on your first expedition. Along the way, we will demystify the workings of data-driven marketing, outline the necessary prerequisites, and provide insights into seamlessly integrating new technologies into your existing system landscape:

  • Disciplines in data-driven marketing: a map of the MarTech jungle
  • Platform vs. best of breed: an overview of technology providers
  • Buyer and customer journey: a selection of custom routes for businesses
  • The path to a data-driven organization: how every company can tap into the MarTech jungle in a long-term, sustainable way
Mockup Whitepaper Surviving the MarTech Jungle

Surviving the MarTech Jungle

New horizons in data-driven marketing – an expedition guide through the jungle of marketing technologies

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