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Make processes & products more cost-efficient with valantic. What do system landscapes and applications have in common with marketing and sales? In all these areas, pre-defined processes and concepts are crucial for their effective use. However, if these processes and concepts are not optimally set up, they can lead to additional costs.

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The more complex the operational processes, the greater the challenge of aligning goals, strategies, and tools in a profitable manner. At valantic, we understand this challenge and are committed to working with you to develop the right measures based on our technology-agnostic approach.

How can you make your solution more cost-efficient?

Let’s find out! Insufficiently stable system landscapes or custom developments can be costly, undermining the purpose of driving innovation or making implementation more challenging. B2B companies, in particular, often lack a unified entity for planning, coordination, and control. To address this, a combination of strategic, technological, and cultural interentions is necessary.

From initial consulting to process optimization to the actual implementation of tangible measures: Let’s work together to find a solution to the initial question and enhance the cost efficiency of your system solution! The benefits are numerous and well worth it …

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Potentials of cost-efficiency measures

  • Improved data quality
  • Smart and automated data management: import, updates, and maintenance
  • Product management: faster availability of product data through cross-channel utilization and elimination of redundancies
  • UX and conversion rate optimization: for example, through marketing automation
  • Enhanced tracking: continuous monitoring of data and proactive actions
  • Process automation: integrated workflow from order to invoice
  • Returns management and fulfillment: minimizing returns or handling them efficiently
  • Change management: driving agile organizational development

Projects successfully implemented by valantic

Picture of a smiling woman and a man holding a beer mug, next to it the Krombacher logo and two filled beer mugs, in the background the Krombacher landscape | Case Study Krombacher

Krombacher establishes direct customer relationship

In a transformative collaboration, valantic and the renowned brewery, Krombacher, have successfully disrupted a crucial part of the distribution chain: data distribution.

Download Krombacher establishes direct customer relationship
Picture of a woman and a man during a consultation, next to it a dental office with a screen and the screen of the Ivoclar Vivadent platform and the ivoclar logo | Case Study Ivoclar | Pimcore and SAP CDC

Ivoclar relies on pimcore and the sap customer data cloud

For Ivoclar, valantic has united content, commerce, and community, with technological support from Pimcore and SAP.

Download Ivoclar relies on pimcore and the sap customer data cloud
Image of an elderly man in a bicycle repair shop shouldering a SIMPON bicycle, with the Simplon logo next to it and a tablet and smartphone showing the new Simplon bicycle manufacturer website | Case Study Simplon

High-performance website for SIMPLON

With a first-rate website and competent content support by valantic, SIMPLON shines in the online world.

Download High-performance website for SIMPLON

Ready for your cost efficiency check?

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