The author

Andy Browning
Managing Director – Head of Electronic Trading

Andy is running valantic FSA’s electronic trading business working alongside the team to ensure that valantic FSA is surpassing customer expectations around the delivery of our products and services. Andy has spent his career working in electronic trading in client facing roles with a laser focus on the automation of manual workflows. In his spare time, Andy is a big rugby fan, although he spends more time watching than playing these days.


Keeping the conversation going!

Almost overnight we shifted our work lives online – commuting to the kitchen table instead of the city and catching up over video rather than over a beer.
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Looks like it isn’t a case of all-to-all or nothing just yet.

As I travelled into London this morning to look for new office space with Peter Holmgren, I came across a recent post from Tradeweb providing their latest insights on the uptake of all-to-all trading.
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Continued growth of electronic corporate bond trading.

The growth in Corporate Bond Electronic Trading continues...
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All-to-all’s well that ends well?

There are clearly differing views regarding the emergence of all-to-all trading...
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The importance of our partner community.

I’m five weeks into my new role at valantic FSA and it’s clear that regular interaction with our partner community is key.
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Adoption of repo electronic trading workflows continues at pace.

Adoption of repo electronic trading workflows continues at pace with Tradeweb seeing a 53% increase in year on year average daily volumes traded in repo
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