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The relationship of all supply chain and logistics areas of an industrial company must be effortless: from purchasing to production, on through to supplier and logistics management. In today’s world, companies must focus on their core competencies.

Our Holistic Consulting Approach in SCM & Logistics

Logistics Management

Improve the inventory and cost situation for the long term with a complete view of your logistics network

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Supplier Management

Sustainable supply security and transparency in supplier management

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Our products for your Supply Chain & Logistics

Logistics management

The supply chains of tomorrow: transparent, flexible, and high-performance

There are many challenges in the day-to-day business in logistics departments: optimal inventory levels, immediate access to all essential information, use of automation technology in the warehouse and in supply, high supply security, secure start-up, long-term and economical supply networks. valantic can help you find an overarching answer to all the related questions.

Our Consulting Approach in Logistics management

Supply Chain Design

High-performance and future-oriented network structures thanks to analysis, developments, and network simulation.

Material flow design

Efficient logistics material flows and supply processes thanks to intelligent automation technology.

Transport cost optimization

Effective transport cost optimization with a process and system to significantly reduce your freight costs.

Logistics 4.0

Excellent logistics processes thanks to integrated examination of processes and IT.

Inventory and logistics planning

Complete planning and optimization of inventory structures and processes.

Start-up and commissioning management

Securing the start-up of new processes and structures in logistics.

Best Practice: Optimization of shelf areas in the after-sales area

In the course of a holistic evaluation of processes and IT, the task was to analyze the current inventory structures and operating strategies to reveal optimization potential. After a detailed “as is” analysis and mapping of the inventory configuration in MAGELLAN, various optimization scenarios, including inventory topology and operating strategies could be simulated in SAP EWM. Part of the optimization depicted storage by product line network based on a shopping cart analysis. As a result, inventory density and productivity could be increased.

Warehouse and material flow planning with Magellan

Supplier Management

Get a quick overview of the ability to deliver and ensure supply in the long term

Restoration and securing of material supply (100% on-time delivery), no backlogs with respect to customers and transparency with regards to the entire supply chain.

Supply security

Immediate actions guarantee quick process transparency with standardized tools for inventory, efficiency and supply performance.

Range monitoring along the entire supply chain

Standardized reporting for critical components is the goal to create transparency.


Rely on the long-term safety and anchoring of performance-increasing and supply-securing measures.

Continuous improvement

Reduce your delivery risks.

Monitoring of critical materials via Connected Chain Manager

The Connected Chain Manager works to monitor supply security for critical components. The goal is the creation of the best possible transparency by way of standardized reporting using demand and supply comparisons for the entire value-added chain. This Web-based tool requires no software installation and is ready for use by all participants within 24 hours. With the plug-and-play function, a supply chain can be established in approximately 30 minutes, with which supply can be divided across various locations and any bottlenecks can be detected. Information is visible to all participants live with classified authorizations – this saves time and resources. In connection with troubleshooting, you will quickly be able to make all supply chain concerns transparent and take necessary action.

Monitoring of critical materials via Connected Chain Manager
Supply chain monitoring – transparency for the entire supply chain (PDF)

Bild einer Zeitschrift, valantic Whitepaper "The digitalization of the supply chain"
Digitalization of the supply chain

Learn how the Connected Chain Manager (CCM) helps you to achieve transparency and planning reliability in Supply Chain Management.


Supply security

Incorrect deliveries, insufficient material allocation, and a lack of transparency result in supply problems and additional costs. With proper expertise and technology, you can get a permanent handle on this: Immediate actions guarantee you quick process transparency with standardized tools in the areas of supply performance, efficiency, and inventory; necessary process optimizations are analyzed and created.

The focus is always on the following aspects: long-term securing and anchoring of performance-increasing processes; sub-supplier management including tasks in production and inventory logistics; and special measures to systematically avoid incorrect deliveries. Here, continuous improvements reduce your delivery risks and can optimize your procurement costs and quality expenses.

Transparent and stable processes along the value-added chain ensure the increase of your competitive capability, so that you can exploit this as the basis for further growth.


Strategic advising for the automobile industry

There aren’t many other industries that have such tightly timed cross-company value creation chains as in the automobile industry. However, given dramatic shifts in the regional importance of sales and procurement markets; the electrification, digitalization, and individualization of vehicles; and with respect to ever-stricter environmental protection laws, OEMs and suppliers are facing enormous disruptions. Without changes, the strengths of the past will lead to a dead end.

Process and IT support for an industry in motion

Do you want to be one of the winners with these changes? Transform current challenges into long-term strengths of your company? Plan reliably even in volatile markets and produce smartly and efficiently? Then you should act now instead of only reacting. A first step: Speak with the experts from valantic. Our specialist teams have many years of industry experience with knowledge of new tools and technologies.

Specialist article: Trends in supplier management: Mobile expert teams secure the supply chain

Complex supply chains in the automobile and mechanical engineering industries are creating ever more mutual dependencies between OEMs and suppliers. Supplier management that only focuses on searching for replacement sources in cases of delivery problems are no longer adequate. A new trend: manufacturers are commissioning supply chain management experts with process optimization at the supplier in cases of insufficient supply security.

Securing the start-up of international spare parts warehouses

In the course of 16 new start-ups of regional warehouses, valantic was responsible for hyper care starting from the go-live to the security of delivery reliability and process stability. The focus was on troubleshooting on-site various tasks – through the definition and implementation of processes and procedures, the implementation of shop floor management including KPI reporting, and the realization of continuous process optimizations.


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Michael Bouranis

valantic SCE (USA) Inc.

Commissioning planning

The construction of a large number of new warehouses in the area of after-sales and production logistics required risk-reducing contracting and ramp-up planning, including roll-out.
Among other things, valantic was responsible for 3-PL implementations, safeguarding process functionality from go-live and tracking construction and installation progress for buildings, infrastructures, logistics and IT equipment as well as FCZ.