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SAP Add on: apm atlantis

SAP Add for authorization management

Combine the following modules as needed

apm core

apm core is the basic module, the heart and fixed component of apm atlantis and forms the interface to other modules. Call up information about transactions, authorization object, etc. and create scenarios, templates, and favorites for the role generation. Use the authorization trace to determine which permissions user and departments actually need within the organization and SAP.

apm composer

With the apm composer, you can create your roles more easily, efficiently, and securely: The module supports any type of role creation (manual, transaction-related or via authorization trace). You can identify critical authorizations even during the role generation. Thanks to the automatic entry and takeover of authorization values, you prevent errors. Additional features such as mass change allows you to correct authorization values quickly and without errors across all fields.

apm transformer

The apm transformer offers you various possibilities for easy adjustment and correction of roles: Role-related, role-spanning with free role selection or with specified derivations, you can correct all roles quickly and error-free. The mass deletion function provides you with easy system cleansing for roles that are no longer needed.

apm requester

With the apm requester, you automate the application for and approval of authorizations in SAP. The module structures and documents inquiries to change, delete, and generate rights. Responsibilities are clearly defined and processing is monitored and logged verifiably along the entire workflow.

apm observer

With the apm observer, you can determine, monitor, and if necessary eliminate critical authorizations. The extensive analysis module offers the opportunity to record, analyze, and document security-relevant system information. If critical rights are assigned purposefully, they can be approved within the analyses and linked to internal and external documents. Critical rights can be determined immediately and the approval status checked at the same time. With simulation possibilities, security risks can be detected in advance and prevented.

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