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iSettle - Process Automation Solution

The booking of trades is a significant component in the workflow of trading transactions. iSettle automates the booking for repo, bond and FX trades making time-consuming manual booking a thing of the past. The trader benefits from a significantly reduced workload and thus minimises the risk of errors. Based on an intelligent client/server architecture, iSettle collects the trades executed on electronic markets and, after the enrichment, fully automatically forwards them to the bank-internal booking system, e.g. via MQSeries. Thereby, all processes are transparently displayed on the client interface of the trader and a clearly arranged trade table allows the simple control and management of all trades.


  • Flexibly configurable user interface
  • Clear and central display of trades on different markets
  • Automatic check of incoming market data
  • Enrichment of trade data thanks to intelligent mechanisms
  • Support of bank-specific complex booking logics (booking rules, mapping and data enrichment)
  • Automatic forwarding to the position keeping system
  • Constant monitoring of connectivity of all components via heartbeats
  • Overview of booked trades (display of all trades of the day and not yet booked trades)
  • Possibility to manually book not booked trades

More Overview and Control

iSettle is an intelligent software which transparently displays all booking processes and makes them easy to control. A clearly arranged trade blotter informs the trader about basic information of the trade as well as the booking status of all trades and allows a separate controlling.

Optimal Utilisation of Operative Trading Time

With iSettle, time-consuming manual booking is no longer necessary which leads to a significantly reduced workload for the trader and a decrease of the error risk. Based on a client/server architecture, iSettle is a system which collects trades executed on the electronic markets such as BrokerTec Repo, Eurex Repo and MTS Repo, enriches the data and fully automatically forwards it to the bank-internal booking system (e.g. ATLAS).

Easy System Integration

iSettle can easily be integrated in existing system environments. Moreover, iSettle is able to display complex bank-specific booking logics. Thus, all existing booking processes can completely be replaced by iSettle.


iConnect incorporates the connection to various trading systems via its own gateways. It is the link between valantic’s trading products and various electronic trading platforms, ECNs and financial institutions’ internal systems. In order to quickly adapt valantic’s software to the respective requirements, a highly motivated and experienced development team is in constant contact with the electronic trading platform representatives and remains informed about current developments. This close proximity to the markets enables valantic to offer new gateways to additional electronic trading platforms within an average development phase of only ten weeks. Furthermore, iConnect is an intelligent Communication Protocol with APIs. For many years, iConnect has been successfully utilised by various financial institutions in the integration of high performing, stable gateways.

Currently, access to the following markets, ECNs or information platforms is possible:

  • Bloomberg
  • Eurex Repo
  • HDAT
  • XQS Deutsche Börse
  • Senaf
  • Refinitiv (Thomson Reuters)
  • EuroMTS
  • BGC Partners
  • MarketAxess
  • 360T
  • BondVision
  • Eurex
  • NYSE Liffe
  • T.I.Q.S.
  • Chicago Board of Trade
  • BrokerTec
  • Eurex Bonds
  • FXall
  • TradeWeb
  • tpRepo


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