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Pharma Predictive Analytics with the valantic pharma navigator

valantic – pharma excellence

valantic is your specialist for the pharmaceutical industry. Ten of the world’s fifteen largest pharmaceutical and biotech companies already trust our expertise. Changing market conditions, new distribution paths, the digitalization of business processes, but also the expiration of medication patents increasingly require new ways of thinking and supporting systems. With valantic’s innovation power and experience, manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry can maintain and expand their market position even when basic conditions are changing.

For example, valantic offers a quick, easy evaluation for generation of the necessary information, both for company data as well as for external market data. The crucial tool here is the valantic pharma navigator. With this intelligent advanced analytics solution, relationships can be determined, revealed, analyzed based on scattered company information and this information can be used as the basis for company-strategic decisions.

Business Analytics + valantic pharma navigator = Pharma Analytics

valantic pharma navigator’s analytics suite is an industry solution developed for the manufacturing and trade of the chemical-pharmaceutical industry. It maps all relevant pharma-specific questions and relationships:

  • Information integration
  • Establishment of an optimized data warehouse for sales, marketing, finance, logistics, and personnel  management
  • Incorporation of multi-dimensional analysis and extensive reporting solutions

Companies in the pharmaceutical industry are dependent on quick processing and analysis of external information, for example from patient studies; their own survey results; and external market and internal company data.

Thus, Bayer Schering Pharma uses predictive analytics for segmenting target groups and evaluating survey and experimental results. Schaper & Brümmer and Jenapharm optimize their sales control and campaign management, and Evotec optimizes its financial planning with valantic’s business analytics solutions.

We will be glad to present our business analytics industry solution valantic pharma navigator to you. It allows you the step-by-step establishment of a company-wide integrated control system. Use our information offerings. We look forward to your questions.

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