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Picture of a man in a factory, next to it a picture of gears and behind it a picture of a screen with diagrams and graphics and a picture of a port with containers, valantic KPI management with wayKPI

wayKPI - overview of all important supply chain KPIs

Creation and visualization of KPIs

With wayKPI’s BI (business intelligence) tool, companies get an overview of their supply chain’s performance with company-specific KPIs. With wayKPI, you can create, visualize, analyze, and present KPIs. With KPI cockpits, users can get an overview of their KPIs and their development at any time on any end user device. They can use KPI dashboards to analyze their KPIs and data down to the individual document and from every point of view. Reports can be configured according to your desires and specifications. wayKPI’s report generator handles the regular updating and distribution of the reports.

The direct connection to wayRTS with pre-configured KPIs quickly ensures wide-ranging transparency with regard to the degree of implementation of the planning results in the relevant departments.

wayKPI is a comprehensive business intelligence toolbox in a single product. Web-based management dashboards and user-specific wayKPI cockpits enable custom-tailored preparation of information. Flexibly designed reports and graphics support consumer-appropriate information distribution, which can be handled intuitively thanks to MS Office integration. The possible incorporation of target functions and weighting for KPI compression allows the design of company-individual scorecards.

Benefits for immediate ROI

Data analysis is optimized with high-performance functions. Examples of these are graphic drill-down, sort, search, and filter functions, as well as multi-dimensional analyses. The solution based on MS SQL or Oracle allows the easiest possible integration of any data sources, from APS systems such as wayRTS and ERP systems on through to the Excel sheet. The open database structure permits independent expansion and various enhancements of the database.

Transparency with regard to performance
Starting point for continuous improvement
Completely automatic combination of data and calculation of KPIs
Automated creation of evaluations and reports
Up-to-date information, KPIs, and reports
Web-based dashboards on central database
Ready-to-use interfaces & KPI templates enable quick implementation

Properties and flow

  • All relevant SCM KPIs at a glance
  • Individual KPI cockpits with alarm functions
  • Traceability down to the individual data record
  • Automatic reporting with standardized templates
  • Up-to-date evaluations
  • Web-based information terminals

The modules of the wayKPI KPI toolbox

KPI cockpit

Keep an eye on KPIs all the time – on a desktop, tablet or smartphone. The KPI cockpit displays the status and core information about your KPIs in clear form. It’s always up-to-date, no matter where you are. You can see right away whether the KPIs are in the green, yellow or red zone. Practical brief analyses and reports display the development of KPIs graphically and in tabular form. As many cockpits as desired can be created for the various users and user groups.

KPI dashboard

The perfect BI tool for key users and analysts. KPIs can be visualized and examined from all points of view. Turn, reverse, and filter the data pots for your KPIs as you wish. An intelligent causal analysis with a multitude of graphical and tabular analysis tools reveals process weak points and allows you to eliminate them. As many KPI dashboards as you wish can be created with drag&drop and saved for re-use with automatically updated data so you can share them with colleagues.

KPI designer

The KPI designer is the central tool for your key users. With the integrated KPI wizard, you can configure your KPIs quickly and easily. Configure the KPI calculation and when traffic lights should be red, yellow or green. You can split up KPIs into company departments, groups of goods or cost centers and design a company-specific scorecard. KPIs cockpits are easy to design and distribute to users with drag&drop. It’s easy to create pivot graphics and tables for each KPI and distribute these to users. Clear role and rights management ensures that KPIs and cockpits reach the right users. The “control with KPIs” thus becomes an operative component of your supply chain management.

Report generator

Configuration of your reports is easy with the report generator. You can specify content, layout, and design according to your desires and specifications. Organize the reports for the desired recipients and have them sent automatically as PDF, HTML, Word, PowerPoint or Excel files by the KPI monitor. This makes the creation of weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reports a one-time design task. Recurring reports are handled by the KPI monitor report generator. Talk to us if you’d like to have standard reports adjusted for your CI.

Our way family

Picture of two men at work in a production plant, next to it a picture of a machine and behind it pictures of a tablet with a screenshot of the wayRTS software and a port with containers, valantic production planning with wayRTS

Production planning with wayRTS

wayRTS enables transparent planning and provides automatic planning support in real time. The modeling of production processes and integration of other value-creating processes is possible thanks to the flexible, main memory-based data structure of wayRTS.

Picture of three people discussing something, next to it picture of a machine and behind it a screenshot from the wayPRO software and a picture of a port with containers, valantic project management with wayPRO

Project planning with wayPRO

In each project, the different basic conditions and operative project management have to be attuned to one another. With valantic’s wayPRO (project management) software module, supply chain management is mapped easily and quickly, making multi-project planning no problem at all.

Picture of a man explaining something to other people, next to it a picture of a machine and behind it a picture of a tablet with opened wayWFM software and a picture of a port with containers, valantic workforce management with wayWFM

Workforce management with wayWFM

With valantic's wayWFM module, companies can design personnel deployment planning clearly and efficiently. wayWFM guarantees automatic allocation of personnel resources taking into consideration demand, qualifications, and capacities.

Image of two people in a warehouse, including the image of a tablet, in the background an industrial port with containers and cranes, valantic Supply Chain Management & Logistics (triad)

Supply chain communication with wayCOM

wayCOM is valantic's workflow management system. wayCOM increases efficiency by digitalizing workflows and standardizing and automating the accompanying communication. Read more

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