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iTrader - The modular trading solution

The iTrader is a modularly designed trading solution which allows issuers, market makers and brokers to access different exchanges, information providers and trading platforms. Thanks to the capability to trade on multiple exchanges, traders can operate on different trading venues using one front-end. In many financial houses, the iTrader is already in use as proven special system which calculates individual prices from arbitrary market and price information and displays market depths. Moreover, the iTrader supports numerous issuers and investment banks in electronic trading as well as determining the price of derivative and structured products. In combination with a customisable ASP operation, an individual solution can be implemented and provided within a very short time.

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  • Individually programmable pricing for quotes
  • Integrative limit monitoring for an arbitrary amount of freely definable markets
  • Guaranteed arbitrage protection
  • Audit-proof position management with own journals (Hüst, BaFin etc.)
  • Order-based quoting
  • Flexibly definable price determination
  • Comprehensive plausibility checks
  • Freely programmable algorithms with individual formulaic language and API
  • Individually configurable views and input masks allow simple capture of OTC transactions and simplify the work of sales traders
  • Simultaneous market making on several trading venues
  • Comprehensive authorisation concept with individualised user profiles
  • Modern scalable architecture
  • Easy integration in and connection to existing system landscapes and backoffice processes


Currently Supported Exchanges and Trading Platforms

  • Xetra
  • FWB/Scoach
  • Bloomberg
  • Tradegate
  • Cats
  • Xitaro
  • Gettex
  • FIX
  • tradeLink
  • SWX
  • BATS
  • UBS (CES/Mercury)
  • MDDS
  • Refinitiv Market Link
  • Xontro
  • 360T
  • XQS
  • Maxone/Trio

Connected Market Providers

  • Commstock
  • Xetra (E/MDI/EOBI)
  • vwd data feed
  • Refinitiv (Thomson Reuters)
  • Fix Reader
  • FWW
  • XQS
  • Tenfore
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Bloomberg
  • Interactive Data

Your Contact

Picture of Daniel Welter, Product Manager, Business Analyst, valantic Financial Services Automation

Daniel Welter

Head of iTrader
valantic FSA