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iQrepos - Smart Repo Trading

With iQrepos, we present intelligent standard software that you can use to act on several electronic repo trading markets, such as MTS, Eurex or BrokerTec and to realise a comprehensive display of all price quotations. A centralised management of orders and trades assists with the execution of trades and improves the ability to make efficient trading decisions. For instance, all orders can be controlled out of the order mask, regardless of their duration and market-specific particularities. The integration of the bank’s inventory-keeping systems allows the electronic forwarding of transaction data for booking, while the trader can always rely on having an up-to-date overview of the security holding.


  • Clear summary of all repo quotes from all connected markets in one trading front-end
  • Central management of all orders and trades from creation to booking
  • Intelligent fully-automatic volume management of orders across all connected markets
  • Integrated real-time overview of the securities portfolio with the possibility to create orders based on current position data
  • Allocation support for GC repos
  • Fully-automatic transmission of trades into the position keeping system for booking
  • Compliance with transparency requirements (e.g. MiFID II)

Your Benefits at a Glance

Automatic Instrument Matching with the Markets

Centralised Order and Trade Management

Straight Through Processing of Trades

Regulatory Requirements


iConnect incorporates the connection to various trading systems via its own gateways. It is the link between valantic’s trading products and various electronic trading platforms, ECNs and financial institutions’ internal systems. In order to quickly adapt valantic’s software to the respective requirements, a highly motivated and experienced development team is in constant contact with the electronic trading platform representatives and remains informed about current developments. This close proximity to the markets enables valantic to offer new gateways to additional electronic trading platforms within an average development phase of only ten weeks. Furthermore, iConnect is an intelligent Communication Protocol with APIs. For many years, iConnect has been successfully utilised by various financial institutions in the integration of high performing, stable gateways.

Currently, the following markets, ECNs or information platforms are available:


  • Bloomberg
  • BrokerTec
  • MTS Repo
  • Refinitiv (Thomson Reuters)
  • EurexRepo
  • tpREPO



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