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iQderivatives - High-performance Derivative Trading

The system combines the evaluation, quoting, and trade of derivatives on electronic markets and information platforms. Exchanges and message services such as Xetra, Thomson Reuters, and Eurex provide real-time data, which serves as the basis for price calculation.

The openness of the valantic system allows easy integration into the existing system environment. In addition to external pricing systems, bank-internal applications can also be used as a source of real-time data and securities master data. Intelligent automated features provide speed advantages and minimize risks. The individually-configurable client interface gives the trader the best possible overview when pricing and quoting. Various control tools and add-on functions guarantee quick, secure, and individual action on the markets. iQderivatives offers flexibility and scalability and can always fulfill demands for product variety and performance.


  • Pricing and quoting within one solution
  • Support for all common product types
  • Numerous filter and sorting possibilities
  • High performance and easy handling even with a large number of instruments (>150,000)
  • Significant simplification of the administrative effort for new emissions
  • Sophisticated monitoring system, for example for knock-out monitoring and processing
  • Comprehensive security mechanisms and plausibility checks
  • Automatic, event-based quote size adjustment
  • Completely automatic forwarding of trades into the inventory-manging posting system

Your Benefits at a Glance

Intuitive and Individually Configurable User Interface

Flexible New Emissions and Short Time-to-market Times

Easy Administration, Monitoring and Control

iControl was developed in order to guarantee the reliability of the system and its components. Composed of a system application, an admin tool, and an extensive rights concept, iControl ensures easy maintenance and the best possible availability of iQderivatives.


iConnect incorporates the connection to various trading systems via its own gateways. It is the link between valantic’s trading products and various electronic trading platforms, ECNs and financial institutions’ internal systems. In order to quickly adapt valantic’s software to the respective requirements, a highly motivated and experienced development team is in constant contact with the electronic trading platform representatives and remains informed about current developments. This close proximity to the markets enables valantic to offer new gateways to additional electronic trading platforms within an average development phase of only ten weeks. Furthermore, iConnect is an intelligent Communication Protocol with APIs. For many years, iConnect has been successfully utilised by various financial institutions in the integration of high performing, stable gateways.

Currently, access to the following markets, ECNs or information platforms is possible:

  • Refinitiv (Thomson Reuters)
  • XQS Deutsche Börse
  • Eurex
  • T.I.Q.S. (EUWAX)
  • more internal applications & data providers via RMDS



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