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Efficient Complaint Management for Banking Transactions

FinCASE for Investigations

Our service with our customers since more than 20 years approves that about 4% of all foreign payments cause demands, corrections or complaints. Due to an increasing sensitivity regarding checks for money laundering and embargo, the use of an automated demand management is indispensable.

valantic Infographic: Investigation Workflow - FinCASE for Investigation

FinCASE for Investigations is an intuitive and efficient way to electronically record complaints: either from different sources such as SWIFT, e-mail and fax or directly via the use of open gateways and/or an API to third-party applications (e.g. for nostro reconciliation, money laundering or e-banking). The central instrument is the maintenance of an electronic process file which is optimised for the processing, managing and analysing of demands regarding financial transactions. For the processing, an individual process can be parametrised so that all demands are generally transacted according to consistent standards. With its open structure, FinCASE for Investigations allows a quick integration and/or connection to other systems in order to enrich the process file with databases from bank applications, such as payment data or customer data. Moreover, FinCASE for Investigations supports the SWIFT Global Payment Innovation (GPI) standard for a fast handling of reclaims.


  • Significant reduction of the processing times for complaints and demands
  • Risk minimisation due to reduction of outstanding items
  • Reduction of processing costs
  • Service centre ability
  • Multi-channel and Multi-client capability
  • Easy integration in the bank’s application landscape
  • Easily controllable web interface
  • Support of SWIFT GPI processes
  • Central documentation of all complaints and demands

Your Benefits at a Glance

Significant Reduction of Processing Times

Thanks to the automatic process control with comprehensive enrichment of the payment transaction data, the employees can use FinCASE for Investigations to increase the focus on finding solutions for requests and issues. For the daily use, the system provides numerous support functions, e.g. for duplicate prevention, which control the processing based on rules and at the same time, lead the user through the process. This reduces the effort for all parties involved and increases the quality. Structured analyses and reports can easily be extracted from the recorded data in order to improve the underlying payment processes.

valantic Infographic: FinCASE for Investigations

Flexible Extendibility

In many cases, the transaction of payments is outsourced to internal or external service centres. FinCASE for Investigations is multi-client capable and supports the central handling of processes across different clients. Adjustments and extensions which are necessary for the use in the bank due to specific requirements can easily be implemented in FinCASE. In addition, FinCASE has a variety of online default gateways for the process acceptance and process handling. Thus, the efficiency degree can significantly be increased.

Risk Minimisation due to the Reduction of Outstanding Items

Open payments increase the bank’s risk and are included in the current risk assessment. A swift processing of these payments contributes to quickly solving the cases and at the same time, to minimising the risk.

Reduction of Processing Costs

FinCASE for Investigations automatically completes some time-consuming routine tasks, such as the enrichment of the original payments or the maintenance of the customer data. Our solution additionally assists the person of contact with the processing of the cases by electronically supporting the communication with customers, employees and correspondent banks. The official in charge can access the current status of a complaint at any time, whereby the bank is always able to provide information.

Service Centre Ability

Financial institutions often outsource the transaction of payments to internal or external service centres. FinCASE for Investigations is convenient for usage in such service centres as it is completely multi-client capable and supports important service centre functionalities, such as the parallel processing of cases from several clients.

Multi-channel and Multi-client Capability

Complaints are received via several channels by means of online gateways, whether from customer applications, via e-mail or SWIFT or direct gateways to nostro reconciliation, AML/embargo or fraud detection. For the operation in branch offices, input masks are available in order to incorporate processes within the system.

Easy Integration in the Bank’s Application Landscape

FinCASE for Investigations has numerous default gateways based on valantic’s technology platform X-Gen and thus, other valantic applications can easily be integrated. Of course, project-based additional gateways can be implemented anytime.

Easily Controllable Web Interface

The easy operability is one of the decisive factors for the officials in charge to accept the use of the software. A complaint is a complex operation requiring many comfort functionalities in order to effectively simplify its settlement. FinCASE for Investigations distinguishes from standard case management solutions on the market by customised features in order to significantly facilitate the handling of complaints for officials in charge. A clearly arranged web interface guides the user and assists with keeping track of all processes.

Screen of the valantic Software FinCASE for Investigations


FinCASE for Investigations has numerous standard interfaces for process acceptance and transaction processing:

  • E-Mail
  • Fax
  • Fraud
  • Reconciliation
  • Corp. Banking
  • AML
  • Online Banking


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