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FinCASE for Bank2Bank Commissions

Efficient receivables management for correspondent banks

Banks charge their correspondent banks fees for the settlement of payments which are mostly not yet processed automatically (STP). Likewise, fees accrue for the processing of OUR payments whose settlement is also not standardised so far. Thanks to FinCASE for Bank2Bank Commissions, these non-standardised processes can very efficiently be concluded for different types of receivables.

graphic of the functionality of fincase b2b commissions

SEPA payments are, at least in Germany, almost free of charge whereas foreign payments are subject to high charges. All banks within the correspondent banks chain claim fees for the settlement, especially for payments which have been processed manually. Irrespective of whether fees accrue for OUR or non-STP payments or third-party processing yields have to be concluded, the check and settlement of payment receivables is complicated and often handled manually.

FinCASE for Bank2Bank Commissions automates the handling of incoming and outgoing receivables and monitors the corresponding cash flows. A granular rulebook allows the configuration of the fee model and the controlling of the receivables delivery. Moreover, the receivables and yields are transparently broken down and comprehensive statistics, such as the level of STP degree for the business partners’ payments, are displayed. The high-quality evaluations actively support the receivables management.


  • Generation of additional sources of income
  • Fast and verifiable ROI
  • Integrated rule-based fee model
  • Support of different fee types
  • Comprehensive receivables check
  • Presentation of a transparent fee process
  • Monitoring of all receivables payments
  • Central documentation
  • Quality reporting for the documentation of the STP degree of payments

Your Benefits at a Glance

Generation of additional sources of income

Mit der toolgestützten und regelbasierten Erzeugung von eigenen Gebührenforderungen lassen sich zusätzliche Einnahmequellen für die Bank erschließen. Die ausgehenden, eigenen Forderungen können bequem per SWIFT MT191, Excel oder erzeugtem PDF-Dokument automatisch, bspw. per E-Mail an die Geschäftspartner versendet werden. Alle individuellen Layoutvorschriften sowie Corporate Design-Vorgaben können mit FinCASE for Bank2Bank Commissions einfach umgesetzt werden.

Screenshot of the software FinCase Bank 2 Bank commissions

Fast and verifiable ROI

Based on the bank’s pricing model and the statistics of the payment transactions, possible achievable revenues due to own fees to be paid on a receivable can intuitively be calculated. Often, a full ROI can already be achieved within one year.

Integrated rule-based fee model

The fee calculation based on payment data is indispensable for an electronic receivables management. In FinCASE for Bank2Bank Commissions, individual default rates with various special forms and exceptions can be configured fairly quickly. Thereby, granular rules can be defined, e.g. in order to derive the payment type (STP or non-STP).

Support of different fee types

Apart of OUR and non-STP fees, the system provides other pre-configured fee types, such as PSD2 or SWIFT processing fees as well as receivables for investigations. Moreover, the definition of own fee types is quick and uncomplicated.

Receivables check

The check of incoming receivables is a crucial part of FinCASE for Bank2Bank Commissions. Receivables are reconciled with the agreed fee model and, if necessary, corrected.

Transparent fee process

All steps of the fee process are documented in accordance with audit requirements, e.g. the correspondence with business partners that can directly happen in FinCASE for Bank2Bank Commissions.

Monitoring of receivables payments

Die Zuordnung des Zahlungseingangs stellt Banken The assignment of payment receipts is often difficult for banks. FinCASE for Bank2Bank Commissions provides an automated dunning process and is able to assign incoming payments to receivables.

Central documentation

All receivables and corresponding information are centrally and reasonably be documented. The documentation is also available after the receivable’s conclusion and can be reopened in case of doubt.

Quality reporting for the documentation of the STP degree of payments

The process for receivables handling offers valuable information which, as part of a good service, can be made available for the business partners in a graphical presentation, including the STP degree of the submitted payments.


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