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In addition to special technical infrastructure requirements, telecommunications providers and Internet service providers (ISPs) are also obliged to comply with the legal requirements of the Telecommunications Act (TKG). With valantic’s software solutions and services, telecommunications companies of all sizes can now implement their industry’s legal requirements securely and without a lot of work, quickly, and cost-effectively. Among other things, valantic offers solutions for implementing authorities’ inquiries about inventory, traffic, and retained data (TKG §96, §112, §113, §113b), including the required ETSI-ESB interface. With our service for legally compliant telecommunications and international gateway monitoring (TKG §110), we can serve as agent for the business process and all transactions with the authorities on request. We cover the entire spectrum of TKG-relevant requirements, thus enabling telecommunications companies to focus on their core competencies.

Our portfolio is rounded off with our modern solution for fraud detection on telecommunications networks (fraud management system) and our innovative platforms for multi-channel use as digital assistants for customer service (chat, voice & social media BOTs). With these, we can help our customers prevent financial damage and significantly improve the customer experience.