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Get to know more about Software Analysis & Measurement Methodology with c.-SAMM.

HCL Notes Migration

HCL Notes has a long and eventful history: “Notes” and later “Lotus Notes” started out in the early 1970s, then IBM took over the software in 1996 and developed it until 2017, when the solution was finally sold to the Indian technology company HCL Technologies, which still owns it today.

valantic has long, proven expertise in the planning and implementation of Notes projects, regardless of whether migration, consolidation, outsourcing or web enablement.

For the initial considerations in a migration project, valantic also has its own software: c.-SAMM provides a software-supported method for analyzing the existing Notes application environment. The information obtained with it enables quick feasibility studies, precise budgeting, and efficient risk management. And this across the entire migration project.

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c.-SAMM: Software Analysis & Measurement Methodology

c.-SAMM is a methodology for the software-supported measurement of HCL Notes applications and application landscapes. The result provides reliable facts for migration planning.