Tim Wedler

Managing Director

valantic CEC Deutschland

Substance and sustainability as core values ​​of digitalization

“The rapidly advancing digitalization in almost all areas of business and life confronts entrepreneurs and decision-makers with major procedural, social, and economic challenges. Careful planning and consideration of substantial values ​​are crucial for long-term success.”

Increasing complexity and division of labor within IT projects are creating ever-higher demands for the orchestration of all project participants. Large digitalization projects usually require the selection and work of a large number of specialists over a longer period of time.

“Achieving more together” and “doing more together” have been Tim Wedler’s mottos for fulfilling his entrepreneurial vision. Since 1999, his company his grown from a two-man agency to the NEXUS United group, which employs120 people. NEXUS joined valantic in 2019 and became part of valantic CEC Deutschland in 2020.

Wedler studied law in Düsseldorf and worked in IT and telecommunications before founding his own company.