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Roland Martinez

Managing Director

valantic Telco Solutions & Services GmbH

Building digital bridges – with passion to perform

“We close the digital gaps that loom between existing standard applications. In the process, we help our customers become more successful in their core business.” This has always been one of Roland Martinez’s mottoes when it comes to his passion.

The increasing digitalization of business processes and the largely completed roll-out of standard software makes it more difficult for companies to detect suppliers’ actual added value with respect to products and services relating to the digital transformation. However, it is not possible to squeeze everything into standard processes and standard software without media mismatches and a loss of information. This is why valantic specializes in innovative state-of-the-art custom software. With it, parts of the business processes can be digitalized that cannot be mapped or can only be mapped with difficulty using standard software. Frequently, this is precisely the crucial “more” for customer and service orientation at companies. valantic’s special focus is on the telecommunications, energy, and financial services industries.

Before joining valantic, Roland Martinez held various top management positions in the IT sector at Siemens, Deutsche Telekom, and for a subsidiary of the Deutsche Bank. He gained his initial experience establishing and expanding his own company as managing partner of a M&A consulting company in Düsseldorf. An interim assignment at what became the valantic Group caused him to be inspired by valantic’s DNA. Roland Martinez has been Managing Director at valantic since 2016.

He completed his management training at Siemens AG and has participated successfully in several management programs at the London Business School.