Patrick Edelmayr


Managing Director elements New Media Solutions GmbH – a valantic company

Digitalization: recognizing change as a chance

“Digital transformation is the ultimate challenge of our time. Confronting this process with courage, hands-on quality, and autonomy and growing into it has become our daily work.” For Patrick Edelmayr, digital adventure is more than just a beautiful vision; it is something he strives for purposefully, never losing sight of individual customers’ needs.

His groundbreaking passion for and curiosity about digitalization and modernization were behind the founding of the full-service digital agency elements New Media Solutions GmbH in 2002. The company has headquarters in Salzburg and Hagenberg. More than 110 development, user experience design, performance marketing, search engine optimization, and content marketing experts bundle their strengths to create individual, custom-tailored solutions for customers in the tourism, industry, commerce, and e-commerce sectors.

Because Patrick Edelmayr’s soft spot for digital experience and his business expertise have complemented one another very well from the start, today elements is one of Europe’s leading digital agencies, which assists countless customers on their path to the digital transformation. His responsibilities include essential areas beginning with brand management and employer branding, on through to human resources and public relations. In addition to his role as Managing Director, he is also a partner of Pimcore GmbH, which was founded in 2009, and valantic GmbH.

Even during his studies of Business Administration at the Johannes Kepler University in Linz (Austria), Patrick Edelmayr distinguished himself by proving that he could transfer his core competencies in initiative, management, and future-oriented thinking into business aptitude, laying a groundbreaking foundation as an entrepreneur in the era of digitalization.