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Marcus Leeb


CSO valantic GmbH

Customer first, not just lip service, but true conviction; our customers are the focus of our actions.

Are we at the beginning of a new era? This question as it relates to digitalization is the focus of many industries today. It is causing massive change in nearly every area of the business world and even in our private lives. Defining an appropriate strategy for this and finding future-oriented answers are what motivates valantic.

“It is a great challenge and at the same time a fantastic opportunity to live at the beginning of this fourth industrial revolution. The way we work and live will change so much in the next few years and flexibility is the order of the day. Our customers need a lot of help preparing themselves for these changes and they need a partner who can help them design a new, completely agile model,” says Marcus Leeb, partner and Chief Sales Officer of the valantic Group.

Marcus Leeb gained his experience in the course of an international career, for he has held several management positions at technology and consulting companies. He began his career at IBM and Accenture, with deployments in Europe and Asia, among other places.

At the valantic Group, among other things he is responsible for sales, the integration of new companies, and the expansion of international business.

Marcus Leeb studied at the University of Pinneberg and is a graduate in Business Administration.