João Moreira

Managing Director

Abaco Consulting

We decide based upon Honesty and Transparency

“All employees must be well aware of the values of our culture, with an exceptional commitment to our customers, suppliers and partners, guided by Honesty and Transparency. This is our DNA.”

João Moreira, CEO of Abaco Consulting, has a degree in Accounting and Administration from Instituto Militar Pupilos do Exército and a postgraduate degree in Economics from Universidade Lusófona, having also been part of the Advance Management Program at AESE. He started his professional career at Solsuni, SA, later being a founding member of WhatEverNet Computing, SA , which was sold to Grupo ParaRede/Glintt, a company listed on the Lisbon Stock Exchange, becoming part of the management team, as Senior Board Director. Before joining Abaco as CEO, managed a seed capital fund to support startups in IT area.