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Dr. Holger von Daniels


CEO valantic

CEO, Digital and new leadership enthusiast

“We are looking for an IT-Consulting and -Solutions company with expert knowledge of the different new technologies that at the same time is able to connect to respectively migrate our legacy systems. Further, we are looking for people we can rely on 100% of the time. Unfortunately, we don’t find a firm like that in the market.”

Holger von Daniels often got to hear requests similar to these prior to the launch of valantic – and so the idea for valantic was born: Assemble market-leading Digital Solutions-, Consulting-, and Software firms and thereby become the #1 company for Digital Transformation in Europe. Led by entrepreneurial-thinking personalities, who live the values of valantic: Partnership, Entrepreneurship, Operational Excellence, Fairness and One Firm. This is what Holger von Daniels thrives for, with conviction and passion.

Prior to the founding of valantic he accompanied as board member the development of the Allgeier SE from a small IT- and temporary employment agency to a leading IT-Service Group in Germany. He was responsible for numerous acquisitions and played a key role in the sale of the temporary work division and the refocusing of Allgeier on the IT-Business segment.

Prior to Allgeier Holger von Daniels worked at Roland Berger for 8 years. As project manager, principal and member of the extended management board he was responsible for numerous re-organisation projects at Mittelstand companies.

Holger von Daniels completed his studies and dissertation in St. Gallen (HSG), New York (NYU) and Rostock.

“We work hard every day to make valantic the most respected digital solutions and consulting brand in Europe.”

Dr. Holger von Daniels
Executive Partner valantic GmbH