Dietmar Rietsch


Managing Director New Media Solutions GmbH - a valantic company

“Think different and you’re always a step ahead of digital change.”

Digitalization and its related challenges are his great passion. Dietmar Rietsch, called “Dietz” by his friends, committed himself years ago to the transformation processes of the online era. In all his thinking and actions, his expert knowledge, pioneering and unusual creativity, and focused view fuel visionary, innovative thinking. Only the interplay of these factors enables the flow of exceptional strategies and ideas into a compelling implementation.

Dietz has focused on digital topics since 1996; at the start in his function as CTO at one of the first digital agencies in Austria, then as CEO of his own company, Prokom. The bridge was built in 2004: his former colleagues Roland Dessovic and Patrick Edelmayr merged their agency elements with Prokom. This was a clever move, as became clear when elements was named one of the Top 3 digital agencies in German-speaking Europe in 2018. The development and establishment of the open source software solution Pimcore, which was launched in 2009, demonstrates that the vision of this three-man team is successful now as before: 82,000 companies in 56 markets and 22 languages trust this digital all-around tool and use it to realize goals they have defined.

Dietz incorporates his well-founded, creative knowledge not just in the areas of technology, marketing, sales, and business development, but also in his role as elements Managing Director, CEO of Pimcore GmbH, and Partner at valantic GmbH, where he is indispensable as a linchpin of the corporate management.