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Dietmar Jakal


Managing Director valantic Trading Solutions

CEO, “Accept change … shape the future”

Hardly any other area has changed as much due to rapid technological developments as the financial sector. Anyone who had the chance to experience the paradigm shift from traditional floor trading to completely electronic computer trading is either fascinated by the changes or mourns for the past.
Information technology has not only changed the way companies do business, it has also changed our everyday lives for the long term.

Dietmar Jakal has always found this change refreshing. In these times of permanent change, he especially sees the appeal of the unknown and the chance to discover and develop new things.

It is no coincidence that valantic Trading Solutions AG is acting according to the maxim: … shape the future!

“Despite all changes, we must continue to recognize new opportunities and new trends. Innovations derived from this awareness need to be evaluated and then developed in a structured fashion,” according to Dietmar Jakal. “And that is exactly what we do: we develop innovations in a systematic manner, detect trends, and take advantage of new opportunities at an early stage.”

Mr. Jakal was jointly responsible for business development as a senior executive at several consulting firms, serving as a strategy consultant in investment banking for many years, before being appointed to the Executive Board of valantic Trading Solutions AG in January 2009. He is responsible for business development, sales, and marketing.

Dietmar Jakal studied at the University of Hohenheim and was awarded a diploma in economics.