Christoph Nichau

Partner & Managing Director

wdp GmbH – a valantic company

Digital und Technology M&A

“Digital business models and ecosystems pose major challenges for managers and investors. Only those who optimize with the goal of perfection have a chance of celebrating long-term successes. We help our clients make the best decisions in light of the underlying risks and opportunities.”

Christoph Nichau helps investors to decide on the best investments in digital and technology-driven business models. He finds common ground between managers and investors with respect to goals, strategy and execution and assists them in kickstarting the operational delivery.

With over 20 years’ experience in digital business models, more than 180 M&A engagements and more than 250 value creation projects, Christoph’s areas of expertise include commercial and technology due diligence, value creation strategy, digital sales & marketing excellence and KPI management.

Christoph received his diploma in media economics studying in Cologne and while working full-time at Onvista Group where he developed and grew content-, data- and advertising-driven business models.