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Lawful Interception Management and Solutions


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What is lawful interception (LI)?

Lawful interception is a special form of telephone monitoring. Monitored are telephone conversations that go from Germany abroad or come into Germany from abroad. Telecommunications monitoring is an intervention into the constitutionally protected basic rights of Article 10 of the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany and therefore there are high hurdles for such a measure

LI is (from a data-technical point of view) a very sensitive topic, one that can only be implemented in combination with measures from the German code of criminal procedure (StPO). Generally, such monitoring measures last up to three months. However, depending on the situation, this period can be extended. Measures according to § 100a StPO may only be ordered by a court on behalf of the public prosecutor’s office [1].

The regulations for lawful interception are specified in the telecommunications monitoring act – TKÜV [2]. In addition to the principles, it describes and specifies technical and organizational requirements.

Telecommunications are handled via networks whose technical structure and physical basis (wires, fiber optics, radio) are very heterogeneous. So that telecommunications is possible not just within the respective operator’s network, various operators’ TC networks are interconnected. In the same manner, domestic and foreign TC networks are interconnected. The interconnection of domestic and foreign TC networks is done by connecting domestic nodes with foreign nodes.

Domestic telecommunications monitoring that is supposed to include connections from unknown connections domestically to a particular connection abroad is called lawful interception.

[1] Existence of an official act according to § 100a Para.1 No.1, Para.2 StPO.

[2] Regulation concerning the technical and organizational implementation of measures for telecommunications (TKÜV)

Who is obligated to do lawful interception?

The obligation to perform lawful interception applies to network operators of public-access telecommunications systems. The parties obligated are defined in the TKÜV [3]. Affected are systems with more than 10,000 connections in the telecommunications sector and 100,000 for Internet services via telephone lines.

[3] For more precise information, see TKÜV – §3 Scope of parties obligated

What requirements does a solution have to fulfill?

The basic technical requirements for proper lawful interception arise for the parties obligated from §6 of the TKÜV

  • that arrangements can be made immediately (switching on and off)
  • Ensuring of the availability of their monitoring equipment
  • The design of the lawful interception
  • Ensuring that they themselves can enable monitoring of the same ID to be monitored simultaneously for more than one authorized office.

In addition to the basic technical requirements, there are other specifications for data monitoring and data exchange in the TKÜV.

How does valantic implement the requirements for lawful interception?

To implement LI requirements, we have a specialized “public authority team,” which among other things is responsible for the implementation of measures and at the same time supports invoicing according to JVEG [4]. This includes checking the rulings and actually taking the measures.

Another team supports and operates the system, for example, the technical monitoring and maintenance. In the process, valantic guarantees 24/7 availability of the system.

Technically, the TC system is broken down into a

  • TC system for the procedural handling (LI management system) and
  • SINA boxes for encrypted data exchange

[4] JVEG stands for German Law on Payment and Compensation by Judiciary Authorities

Which operating models and services does valantic offer for lawful interception?

valantic provides a full range of services for the legally compliant implementation of lawful monitoring as system solution, in connection with the business process.

Which steps have to be taken to start lawful monitoring with valantic?

Your contact person at valantic is Stefan Michaelis. He will advise and assist you with all questions relating to our services.

What does valantic offer in the area of TKG compliance?


Complete TKG compliance from conception to operation. From a single source!


All solutions turnkey, tested, and quick to implement.


Implementation and data storage of our managed service/SaaS offerings in Germany.


More than 25 years’ development of compliance and anti-fraud solutions for the telecommunications industry.

What other solutions does valantc offer to implement the requirements of the TKG?

Competence in TKG- and BDSG-compliance

We develop communication and information technology for the areas of public authority information, TKÜ, BDSG as well as traffic and data retention and the related processes. Our solutions are always perfectly tailored to your requirements. Since 25 years.

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