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Telecommunication & Media

All-around solutions for compliance, fraud, and privacy concerns

We offer companies in the area of telecommunication & media an extensive range of services in the telecommunications law compliance, privacy, and fraud management sectors. Here we also take on process analysis and advising, as well as requirements management.

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Your Benefits

  • Extremely efficient solutions thanks to holistic advising
  • Process analysis and requirements management
  • Consideration of all adjacent systems for a clean connection to the existing infrastructure and process environment
  • All solutions also available as managed service
  • Pioneer spirit in the area of digitalization of business processes in the area of telecommunication & media

Our Services

  • Lawful interception
  • Fraud management
  • Electric information of authorities / ETSI-ESB
  • Data retenion
  • Managed services and operation of your critical infrastructures
  • Individual software development and custom-tailored specialized solutions

Managed Service & Electronic Directory Assistance

Customer Unitymedia

Our offer for telecommunication & media

Expertise in TKG- und BDSG-Compliance

We have been consulting in the telecommunications industry for 25 years and have become true experts in our field. Each project challenges us and makes us better.

We develop communication and information technology for the handling of government authority information requests, TKÜ, traffic data and data retention as well as the related processes. Our solutions are always specifically designed to fit your requirements.

With valantic, you can rely on a team of experts working with an innovative spirit for you and your organisation.

Your Contact

Image of Stefan Michaelis, Business Executive, valantic Telco Solutions & Services

Stefan Michaelis

Business Unit Executive
valantic Telco Solutions & Services