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valantic presents: Emarsys

Omnichannel Engagement with Emarsys

Emarsys has understood that omnichannel in the “digital now” is much more than a pure marketing buzzword. Omnichannel is the consequential translation of a business model in fully connected times. And their – for us, exciting – customer engagement platform makes it easy for marketers and business owners to dress their customers’ experiences in contemporary attire. Fully integrable into even the most western store and commerce systems and versatile: That’s Emarsys.

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Emarsys has undergone an impressive transformation

From a niche to an omnichannel tool

Emarsys has evolved – a lot! It started out as an e-mail marketing tool and has significantly grown since then. Personalizing the customer experience is now no longer purely an e-mail marketing matter but spans a variety of channels. Reporting and analytics on online marketing, lead management and campaign management included, of course.

Our focus when using Emarsys is on the customer loyalty function.

Emarsys’ Loyalty Wallet

The former e-mail marketing tool now offers integrated loyalty programs that can be activated within days, directly on all campaigns and channels. Loyalty programs – integrated directly into the customer engagement platform – offer tangible benefits: Calls to action become more effective, campaigns more efficient, customer lifetime value increases, and the customer experience improves without the unnecessary step of having to offer discounts.

The “Loyalty Wallet” by Emarsys makes all that possible! And the best part? Because it’s fully integrated, your next loyalty program can be implemented with minimal IT resources.

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