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Implementation of SAP Customer Data Cloud for V-ZUG

Ease of use that excites.

Sign up once – and experience the whole V-Zug world: This was the joint mission of valantic and the Swiss manufacturer of household appliances. The remarkable result: a central CIAM platform for outstanding customer experiences, based on the SAP Customer Data Cloud.

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This premium home appliance manufacturer from Zug (CH) has already deployed numerous apps and digital services for its customers. In the future, many more innovative convenience functions are planned for an even simpler application. In order to be prepared for the future, customers should have access to V-ZUG’s entire digital world via a single login. Working jointly with valantic, V-ZUG has taken up this challenge by introducing a central customer identity and access management platform based on the SAP Customer Data Cloud (SAP CDC).

Innovation and technology leader

Strong customer service orientation

The better the customer can use the applications, the more successful V-ZUG's digital services will be!
Picture of a V-ZUG washing machine with a tablet on top, SAP CDC

The challenge

In particular, the kitchen appliance market is increasingly influenced by the digitalization of households. Cooking is becoming more and more part of a lifestyle. It’s no longer enough to offer only good and beautiful-looking hardware. Anyone who, like V-ZUG, wants to be out in front in the future, must support the customer’s entire cooking process. And this begins in the inspiration phase before buying food.

The focus is on skillfully combining customer touchpoints in the virtual world with the unique features of high-end devices in the physical world. In addition to device integration via IoT, this requires the inclusion of all digital channels along the customer journey. This is how new digital services can be brought into line with the devices in order to create an exciting customer experience.

Successful project, enthusiastic customers

Achilles Bucher

Enterprise Architect at V-ZUG

valantic was able to win V-ZUG over with its comprehensive understanding of the SAP world and methodological excellence. valantic's experts were, as expected, solid in all technical aspects, but the characteristic that set them apart was their deep understanding of business. Even after the project, it is clear that valantic delivered on its promise in terms of time and budget. It was even possible to accommodate one or another additional requirement at no additional cost.

The results at a glance

Central registration and single sign-on via uniform customer ID

Expandable access management for V-ZUG

Self-management of consents by customers

International data privacy compliance and data security

Preparation for marketing automation and progressive profiling

360-degree customer view by assigning a unique customer ID

Image of the V-ZUG site, SAP CDC

About V-ZUG

Innovation and technology leader

In the heart of Switzerland, in Zug, V-ZUG AG manufactures household appliances for kitchens and laundry rooms with the highest precision and future-oriented production technology. This premium Swiss quality is embodied throughout the company so that V-ZUG appliances are especially durable and reliable.

Over 100 years ago, V-ZUG made it its mission to make everyday life easier with high-quality, innovative household appliances. Whether for cooking, washing up, or doing laundry: People who expect more than the usual from their appliances are in the right place with V-ZUG. The Swiss market leader is committed to Swiss values – and these are demonstrated all over the world: With simple, individual solutions that inspire and last a lifetime.

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Photo of a kitchen with a tablet in the foreground, SAP CDC

The solution: SAP CDC

The implementation of a CIAM platform has a far-reaching impact on the entire system environment and IT processes.

Against this background, V-ZUG made things more complicated and conducted a detailed, comprehensive solution evaluation in a preliminary project. The architectural approach included the premise of keeping system individualization as low as possible. Based on this concept and the evaluation criteria determined, potential suppliers could be pre-selected.

The SAP Customer Data Cloud ultimately provided the best way to fulfill the requirements with a good cost/benefit ratio as compared to the competition. This is also in view of the fact that V-ZUG’s existing IT team is very familiar with the SAP world and can support the operation. V-ZUG worked with valantic to refine the requirements during the concept phase in the form of use cases, and detailed technical specifications were created. For the first release, SAP Commerce Cloud, formerly Hybris (Web and Shop) and two mobile apps were integrated into the CDC. In addition to a social login and central identity and consent management, reports for marketing automation were implemented. The next expansion stages are already planned for this area and further digital touchpoints are to follow.

Next-level customer experience with valantic

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