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A seamless transition

Future-proof order management for Acne Studios

Acne Studios, the famous luxury fashion brand based in Stockholm, partnered with valantic to successfully migrate from the existing Salesforce Commerce Cloud Order Center to the advanced Teamwork Commerce platform. The collaboration between Acne Studios and valantic represents a significant milestone in enhancing the brand’s operations and delivering an exceptional customer experience.

CX Monitoring Salesforce Commerce Cloud Teamwork Commerce platform
Salesforce with valantic CX

The results at a glance

  • successful OMS migration
  • efficient handling of sales from any channel
  • seamless purchase workflow
  • maximum digital performance thanks to 24/7 CX monitoring
Future-proof order management for Acne Studios

About Acne Studios

Acne Studios takes a unique multidisciplinary approach to its creations. Under the guidance of founder and Creative Director Jonny Johansson, the brand combines elements of photography, art, architecture, and contemporary culture to produce a diverse range of products. From ready-to-wear clothing and magazines to furniture, books, and exhibitions, Acne Studios has established itself as a respected creator in the industry.

To reach a wider audience, Acne Studios operates over 20 online sites across different regions and countries. These online platforms are supported by the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform, ensuring a seamless digital shopping experience for customers around the world.

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The challenge

In the face of the ever-evolving online retail landscape, Acne Studios confronted the imperative of future-proofing their order management system. In particular, Acne Studios sought to improve the following critical aspects of their operations:

  • establishing direct connectivity between the OMS and the eCommerce platform for automated shipment generation
  • enabling orders to be placed from multiple locations and fulfilled anywhere
  • implementing flexible order fill to achieve real-time data flow and ensure order management accuracy
  • streamlining fulfillment processes, allowing orders to be fulfilled at the most convenient location for customers

The solution

Teaming up with valantic, Acne Studios decided to embark on a transformative journey, migrating from the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Order Center to the state-of-the-art Teamwork Commerce platform.

While Acne Studios’ digital team successfully handled the OMS migration project requirements, valantic conducted a thorough validation of these requirements. Leveraging their extensive experience in configuring and setting up Acne Studios' system, they compared them against the existing Salesforce Commerce Cloud solution. valantic then facilitated the seamless transition to the Teamwork Commerce solution.

Future-proof order management for Acne Studios
Future-proof order management for Acne Studios

The following key tasks were executed by the valantic team:

implementation of new cartridges

integration of custom APIs

changes in order history

configuration and testing of new import/export feeds

configuration of templates for transactional emails

end-to-end testing together with all parties involved

Future-proof order management for Acne Studios

Client benefits of the new order management system

valantic played a pivotal role in helping Acne Studios successfully migrate their order management system (OMS). The project, completed within a 12-month timeframe, enabled Acne Studios to enhance their retail operations and support sales across various channels. The new OMS implementation also introduced advanced functionalities that streamlined the purchase workflow, ensuring a seamless customer experience.

And now?

valantic continues to provide ongoing support to Acne Studios. The team assists with post-launch OMS activities and optimizes the company’s digital performance via 24/7 CX monitoring and support.

Next-level order management with valantic

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