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From Underdog to SEO Champion

The road to 192% growth

In the spring of 2020, Van der Garde became a customer of valantic because they wanted to take a big leap in their online visibility. The ambition, just like for almost every SEO customer, was to achieve as many top positions on Google as possible. But how do you accomplish that as a smaller player in one of the most competitive industries? Read the complete customer case here.


The challenge

Van der Garde is a true expert when it comes to garden furniture, but it's also a relatively small family business competing online with companies that have significantly higher budgets. As if the challenge wasn't already big enough, many of these competitors have also intensified their focus on their online garden furniture assortments. In other words, the already competitive playing field became even more competitive. After experiencing an increase in search rankings during the peak season of 2020, Van der Garde slowly started to decline following a Google Core Update in December 2020. A hypothesis emerged that the fluctuations in search rankings were due to a lack of brand awareness compared to their competitors.

"It was pleasant that the chosen vision was adhered to. The SEO strategy was also broader than just the traditional SEO pillars." Gerhard Heierman, Marketing manager at Van der Garde Tuinmeubelen.

The approach

Starting from August 2021, efforts were intensified to implement the SEO points from the roadmap. A branding strategy was implemented, and in 2022, branding campaigns were tested and scaled up. In December 2022, two significant Google updates resulted in a substantial increase in search rankings.

SEO Experts

The results

The peak season of 2023 has just begun, and brand awareness is once again playing a role. The average positions have significantly improved, and Van der Garde is receiving nearly twice as many search queries within the keyword set. Van der Garde has consistently performed better across a much broader range of keywords. As a result, in June, the peak month of the high season, a 192.2% growth in SEO clicks has been achieved (year-on-year).

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