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Customer Experience Solutions

Smart Solutions for Customer Relationship and Sales

Products and services, technologies, methods, and trends keep changing. Therefore, you have to answer the question “What do my customers want?” anew each day. Only this way can you inspire customers and encourage them to come back often.

We keep asking about the customer cycle “Want. Buy. Have.” The focus is on considerations such as these: How do customers inform themselves and how do they find the product or service they’re looking for quickly? How can offerings, services, and processes be improved?

Truly persuasive answers to these questions require more than just beautiful design or a shop solution – namely the interplay of development, design, and usability – and we’re prepared for this. We bundle our capabilities and knowledge in these areas and develop custom-tailored platforms and applications. This is how future-oriented solutions arise, ones that fit your company and customers’ needs in equal measure.

B2B Business

Influence Business directly

Individual measures that boost sales in the short-term do not truly move you forward. With us, you can develop your business for the long term and integrate digital channels as a fixed component of corporate strategy.


For an online platform that works well, beautiful design, a good ERP or handy CMS is not enough: Instead, we develop all layers from the front end to the back end and network them.


In projects from different industries, such as services, medical technology, and automotive, we have learned how business models work in the B2B area. We believe in customer experience for B2B too, and we set high standards for ourselves in this segment.

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Authors' portrait of Christoph Resch, Managing Director at valantic CEC Germany

Christoph Resch

Managing Director
valantic CEC Deutschland GmbH