The new E-commerce platform for the electrical wholesaler Winterhalter + Fenner

Inspiring, quick, and easy

Winterhalter + Fenner AG is one of the leading electrical wholesalers in Switzerland. In 15 locations in German-speaking and French-Speaking Switzerland, as well as in Ticino, 450 employees ensure excellent service.

This electrical wholesaler offers more than 220,000 items. The broad product line includes electrotechnical components, installation materials, products for data networks, and photovoltaic systems from leading national and international suppliers.

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The goal of the E-commerce platform

  • New, appealing design
  • Future-oriented technology stack (including Spryker OS incl. vue.js)
  • Clear, quick item search
  • New navigation concept
  • Easy-to-maintain modular concept

Highlights: Combitool

configure individual switches as you wish

Manufacturer & program selection

You select the preferred manufacturer of electrical switches and outlets with a filter. Within the manufacturer, you select the desired product line or frame.


Several different combinations can be put together in one step. In the process, various outlets and switches are available in a range of colors, according to the manufacturer you have selected. This way, individual color combinations within a combination are possible.

Easy handling

You can select inserts with drag & drop or with a double-click and change their position.

Shopping cart

With just a click, all elements in the combination(s) are added to the shopping cart.

Highlights: Bulb finder

Find the appropriate light bulb quickly

Visual filter

Instead of a drop-down list, the filters for bases and shapes are shown with pictures.

No search without results

The filters depend on one another; with each selection of a filter, it is calculated which filter combinations are possible and only these are displayed for the user.

Multiple filter

Several filters can be used simultaneously per filter criterion.

Expandable filters

In addition to the main filter criteria, these can be expanded and the products filtered according to nearly any attribute.

The result

Fresh, modern design

State-of-the-art technology stack

Expandable concept

Easy, comprehensible categorization

Optimized, partially automated maintenance process according to ELDAS classification.

Intuitive item search and navigation

The «big picture»

The following features were implemented in the individual versions in the course of the project.

Version 1

  • Analytics / SEO
  • User management & rights
  • Easy-to-use shopping cart & check-out
  • FAQ
  • Information architecture
  • Live prices & ATP
  • Watch lists
  • Product detail
  • Product list
  • Product relations
  • Search

Version 2

  • Formats
  • Order history
  • CMS 1.0
  • Delivery addresses
  • Object management
  • Promotions
  • Track & trace

Version 3

  • Analytics / SEO 2.0
  • Expanded shopping cart & workflows
  • CombiTool
  • Native app
  • Premium world
  • Smarango (smart home)
  • Sulu CMS 2.0

Version 4-7

  • under development
image of some Screenshots on different mobile devices, valantic Case Study Winterhalter Fenner AG


Electrical wholesaler (B2B)


Microsoft Dynamics AX, Spryker OS, vue.js, Sulu


Strategy: Positioning of strengths and weaknesses in comparison to competitors, differentiation characteristics W+F, target group analysis, interviews Ux/design concept, information architecture, search and navigation concept, technical realization (front end/back end)


September 2017: Start of pre-project
January 2018: Start MVP
October 2018: Completion MVP
November 2019: (Enhancements and) go-live

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