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Image of a truck and a man who carries crates of drinks, including a picture from the production of the drinks manufacturer Winkels

Beverage Producer Winkels Perfects Its Production And Logistics Processes With SAP

The company: Beverage-logistics business and -maker Winkels

With four logistics centers and 171 trucks traveling some 6.65 million miles a year, Winkels is the leading beverage logistics business in southwestern Germany. The company achieved a high profile through its own brands such as alwa, Aqua Vitale, Griesbacher, Fontanis and Rietenauer Mineralquelle. Its entire portfolio consists of over 6,300 products with which Winkels supplies retail chains, gas stations, beverage wholesalers, beverage retailers, canteens and restaurants. Each year, around 375.9 million bottles are filled directly at the source at four production sites with a total of seven bottling lines.

Winkels’s core business lies in classic transport logistics. The Winkels Group employs 907 people and generated revenues of around EUR 385.3 million (approx. USD 318.4 million) in fiscal 2019.


Controlling the entire beverage logistics and quality assurance with SAP

Consulting goal

Stoppage-free migration of all the production and logistics sites

Customer value add and solution

Authentic modeling of the unique demands of beverage logistics

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