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Zollner Elektronik AG contracts valantic

Bild des Zollner Unternehmensgeländes, valantic Kunde Zollner Elektronik AG

Support of large-scale SCM process optimization project

Munich, September 5, 2016: Zollner Elektronik AG, one of the Top 15 Electronic Engineering and Manufacturing Services (EMS) worldwide, has selected valantic Supply Chain Excellence AG (former Wassermann AG) as the consultant for introducing new SCM planning tools. The 13-month project is supplementary to the internal “Zollner Excellence” optimization plan. The service provider, who is specialized in process and IT consultation as well as supply chain management, will support Zollner in three project phases: design of an optimized SCM process and planning organization, introduction of SAP APO DP for forecasts and implementation of the wayRTS (Real Time Simulation) real-time APS system for production planning. The goal of the project is to improve in delivery performance and flexibility for customers of the EMS service provider while keeping inventory at levels appropriate for the market and improving productivity. 

Zollner Elektronik AG is optimizing its processes to create a basis for further international growth of the company. The planning organization and IT-supported processes are being tested in pilot projects at the Furth im Wald plant and will then be rolled out to the EMS provider’s production centers worldwide. Wassermann AG was selected as a project partner because of its specialization in supply chain optimization and its demonstrated experience and expertise in process and IT consulting.

Improving forecast and demand planning 
Currently, the existing processes are being analyzed and a target concept will be developed to reflect the future planning organization along with its responsibilities and interfaces. Strategic, tactical, and operative forecasts will be enabled through the introduction of SAP APO DP. Mid-term capacity planning with customer forecasts will be simplified and defined through simulation with wayRTS. wayRTS, an in-memory APS standard software, will ensure a transparent, partially automated control and more planning reliability throughout the supply chain of the sought-after EMS service provider.

“We are very pleased to have been awarded this fascinating project and by the confidence that Zollner Elektronik AG has demonstrated in us by entrusting us with the optimization of their processes and planning organization,” says Fabian Stocker, project manager at Wassermann. “Extreme requirements for on-time delivery in a highly dynamic market and the difficulties associated with reducing inventory of the large number of different electronic components and semi-finished products at the same time are challenges typical for the industry on which we focus. The optimization of processes, planning organization, and IT support is a far-reaching, ambitious plan that will pay out through the expected gains in efficiency and the increased planning and delivery reliability.”

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