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The author

Felix Kopf
Consultant & Software Engineer

Felix Kopf is a software engineer and consultant at valantic and our best man when it comes to conversational AI. He loves designing chat- and voicebot systems that offer real value to the user. Whether supporting complicated forms, accompanying onboarding processes, or simply offering quickly information, main thing is: the user leaves the conversation happily and with its problems solved. If additionally, the bot needed automation he is completely hooked. Whether his coffee maker at home is controlled via voice assistant, he didn’t want to tell - but it is very likely.


Bild eines Roboters, einer Gruppe von diskutierenden Menschen, ein Chatfenster eines Chatbots

A Chatbot on the Test Bench

In our blog contribution, Felix Kopf, Software Engineer and Consultant at valantic, demonstrates what kinds of questions accompany chatbot development and how varied these are. Learn more