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The author

Ann-Kathrin Theil
Technical Writer & Translator

Born and raised in idyllic Lippe (North Rhine Westphalia), Ann-Kathrin Theil lives happily in Magdeburg for some time now. After having completed her studies in Magdeburg and Köthen, she started working at valantic as Technical Writer and Translator. As she mainly writes texts of a technical nature, she is more than delighted to contribute creative blog articles from time to time. After work she enjoys doing sports and making music.


Logo of SIBOS, next to it a picture of applauding people and behind it city views of London, valantic at SIBOS in London

Future in Real Time: valantic at SIBOS in London

Since 1978, the finance industry meets once a year at the SIBOS (SWIFT International Banking Operations Seminar). This year, the experts from valantic Financial Services Automation also attended the event in the British capital. Learn more