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Month: April 2020


Fabian Littau, Project Manager at valantic Customer Experience & Commerce in Mannheim

From industry to consulting: Scenes from the everyday life of a project manager

In January 2020, Fabian Littau made the jump from an internal role in classic industry to consulting and he can now grow with us, and especially with our customers. For it’s precisely in times like the current Covid19 crisis that digitalization projects are becoming ever more important. Read more

Financial Service Automation and Digitalisation in the Finance Industry in London City

Banks are Speaking One Language with ISO 20022

In German retail, the usage of cards instead of cash money has not only increased due to the Corona crisis – cash as most important payment method has generally been replaced. Meanwhile, instant payments and real-time transfers are replacing the three-day model for payment transactions. Read more

Bild einer Frau, die vor einem Laptop sitzt und Kaffee trinkt, einem Handy, Euro-Geldscheinen sowie die Skyline einer Stadt im Hintergrund, valantic, Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation: Setting the course for the successful automation of corporate processes

Read this article about how valantic can help you automate your corporate processes successfully with RPA. Read more

Image of a chessboard, a woman wearing a protective mask, hands being washed and a laptop

Agility in customer experience management – 6 tips for how you can confront the next crisis better with your customers

Companies are confronted with the challenge that customers are “locked out” due to corona crisis. Here are 6 tips that will help you on being successful nevertheless. Read more

#wirhaltenzusammen - Members of the valantic Community support each other in the time of the coronavirus

#wirhaltenzusammen: Members of the valantic Community support each other in the time of the coronavirus

In order to better confront all of the new challenges that come with the corona crisis, valantic has created the project #wirhaltenzusammen (#westicktogether) for its employees. Read more

Image of Joachim Hackmann, Principal Consultant at teknowlogy|PAC, digital innovations, a data center in the background

Digital business innovation: IT is the motor, but people are in control

Technologies for digital business innovation such as artificial intelligence and data analyses are enjoying a lot of attention lately. However, it takes talented people to drive the innovations forward and employees who use and exploit the digital innovations. Read more

Image of a robotic arm, blog article

Process automation is the perfect opportunity to help your employees

Automation is the opportunity to unleash your workforce potential for value-added activities. Help them grow! Read more

Bild von Dr. Falk von Falkhausen, valantic Partner und Geschäftsführer im Competence Center Supply Chain Excellence (Dreiklang)

5 questions for… Dr. Falk von Falkenhausen about the ability to monitor supply chains in times of crisis

valantic launched a new cloud solution two weeks ago: the Connected Chain Manager (CCM). We spoke to Dr. Falk von Falkenhausen about the ability to efficiently monitor global supply chains. Read more

Picture to the blog article

The Peak-End Rule or Why Customer Experience Should Never be Left to Chance with Customer Experience Management

When is the customer experience good, when bad? Does only the first impression matter or does the experience arise from the total of all positive and negative experiences that a customer has with a company? What influences our perception? Read more